RCMP Tasers Man to Death at Vancouver Airport

Submitted by tnjp on November 16, 2007 - 5:27pm.

Does anyone else think it's time to take away their tasers?

Taser video shows RCMP shocked immigrant within 25 seconds of their arrival
Last Updated: Thursday, November 15, 2007 | 12:52 PM ET CBC News

An eyewitness's video recording of a man dying after being stunned with a Taser by police on Oct. 14 at Vancouver International Airport has been released to the public.

The 10-minute video recording clearly shows four RCMP officers talking to Robert Dziekanski while he is standing with his back to a counter and with his arms lowered by his sides, but his hands are not visible.

About 25 seconds after police enter the secure area where he is, there is a loud crack that sounds like a Taser shot, followed by Dziekanski screaming and convulsing as he stumbles and falls to the floor.

Another loud crack can be heard as an officer appears to fire one more Taser shot into Dziekanski.

As the officers kneel on top of Dziekanski and handcuff him, he continues to scream and convulse on the floor....

One officer is heard to say, "Hit him again. Hit him again," and there is another loud cracking sound.

Police have said only two Taser shots were fired, but a witness said she heard up to four Taser shots.

A minute and half after the first Taser shot was fired Dziekanski stops moaning and convulsing and becomes still and silent.

Shortly after, the officers appear to be checking his condition and one officer is heard to say, "code red." ...

full report - www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2007/11/14/bc-taservideo.html

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300 People Show For Vancouver Airport Vigil

Submitted by tnjp on November 17, 2007 - 10:48pm.

Few knew slain Polish immigrant, but hundreds gather to celebrate his life
2 hours ago
KAMLOOPS, B.C. - Few knew the Polish man who died last month at the Vancouver Airport after a confrontation with police, but hundreds packed a B.C. funeral home on Saturday to grieve with his mother and express their outrage over her loss.

For millions of people around the world, their only image of Robert Dziekanski is from a video of his last moments - a panic-stricken man barricading himself into the international arrivals hall before police shot him with a Taser gun.

But his mother wiped away her tears on Saturday to quietly narrate a slideshow of Dziekanski's photographs shown at the Kamloops, B.C. funeral home during the memorial celebration of the 40-year-old man's life.

"That's my brother, that's my uncle, that's us," Zofia Cisowski whispered to pictures of her son, a smiling, swarthy man, arms wrapped around family in his native Poland.

In his childhood pictures, he stares solemnly at the camera, his calm face a contrast to the frightened visage caught on a bystander's camera the night he died.

"It was a beautiful ceremony," Cisowski said afterwards.

"I hope that everyone will remember my son as a good loving boy, a good loving human being."

Family friend Jurek Baltakis celebrated Dziekanski's love for his family.

"He always remembered Zofia's birthday," he said in a eulogy.

"He sent nice postcards from every trip he went on."

One of those postcards contained a simple poem, reprinted on the back of a memorial card.

"People become good by doing good," it reads.

"It is rare that a person is good by nature alone. Goodness does not exist so one can make use of it."

A lack of goodness the night Dziekanski emerged from a secure area of the Vancouver airport, sweating profusely and seemingly attempting to ask for help before police were called to the scene, was in part what led to his death, said Father Nicholas Forde.

"Humanity has not, and I repeat the word has not, learned the simple business of communication," he said.

"Dealing with rules and regulations that very often have no basis in ordinary, common sense."

Dziekanski was cremated following a private funeral two weeks ago.

His mother hopes to take some of his ashes back to Poland and keep some of them in Kamloops, where she moved seven years ago.

A lover of geography, Dziekanski was laid to rest with two maps - one of Poland and one of British Columbia.

"I'm so sad and ashamed that we so badly let down a woman who embraced Canada with all her heart and whose dream was to share it with her son," said Trudy Dirk, who met Cisowksi in an English class.

At the Vancouver International Airport on Saturday, about 300 people showed up for a memorial service and candlelight vigil.

The service took place in the international arrivals area of the airport, where Dziekanski died.

The memorial was conducted in English and Polish, with many members of the Polish community in attendance.

Diem Job-Franke, who organized the service, told the crowd that the world needs to be more compassionate and caring to strangers.

Outside the airport, a vigil was set up with a photo of Dziekanski surrounded by candles and roses.

An investigation is underway into what caused Dziekanski's death and a coroner's inquest is planned.

Cisowksi's lawyer said Saturday he thinks the inquest will be held in May.

People were overwhelmed by the graphic video showing the events leading up to Dziekanski's death, Walter Kosteckyj said after the service.

"We can't lose sight of the fact that this story is so much more," he said.

"There are so many other questions as to what happened at the airport, what happened to Zofia, how she was treated, and what happened to him."

Worldwide condemnation of the use of the Taser followed the release of the bystander's video last week.

One mother, who knows too well the pain of losing a son after a Taser shot, rose to share Cisowski's grief on Saturday.

Ricki Bagnell's son Robert died in 2004 after being stunned twice with the gun.

"The deaths of our sons has become a focal point in an international anti-taser campaign," she said.

"People all over the world are taking note of the brutal side-effects of this supposedly less than lethal form of subjugation."

Four RCMP officers surrounded Dziekanski at the airport on Oct. 14, and shot him with the Taser within 30 seconds of encountering him.

The RCMP announced Saturday those officers have been reassigned to other duties pending the outcome of the investigations.

In a statement from RCMP Commissioner William Elliot, the force said it remains behind the use of the Taser but also agrees further research is needed into its impact on people suffering from a medical condition known as excited delirium.

Some have speculated that was Dziekanski's state when police encountered him, though the video shows he had calmed down markedly from the minutes before where he was throwing furniture at the glass wall in the airport.

Elliott also responded to the video, asking the public not to judge the police on the video alone.

"The RCMP recognizes the video images recently made public are disturbing for anyone who sees them," he said.

"This serious event deserves a comprehensive and complete examination and we are confident that the processes underway will provide the proper basis on which to make conclusions and to determine appropriate action. "

Also on Saturday, Gary Bass, RCMP deputy commissioner Pacific region, said in a statement he had invited Ontario Provincial Police to conduct an external and independent review of the investigation.

RCMP lie about circumstances surrounding taser death

Submitted by tnjp on November 20, 2007 - 10:49pm.

CBC item as aired on October 15, 2007 - the day after Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski was tasered to death by police in the Vancouver International Airport. This story was broadcast before police were aware a video of the incident would become public.

RCMP spokesman Sgt. Pierre Lemaitre is seen giving the official version of events. There is a consistent effort to mislead people into believing the police witnessed - and were threatened by - Mr Dziekanski's actions in throwing a computer and a table, when the tape clearly shows police did not arrive until after these events. At one point in the briefing LeMaitre even claimed "The officers were using gestures saying, you know, relax, relax, put your hands on the desk there where the computer was taken; to no avail, [he was] still throwing things around".
Sgt. LeMaitre gave more misinformation to the Vancouver Sun when he told a reporter there "The officers tried to speak to him, tried to calm him down, but he continued to throw things around and yell and scream." It is unclear whether investigators were misled by the officers involved, or whether Sgt. LeMaitre's claims were part of an intentional disinformation strategy.

The situation is compounded by the numerous demonstrably false claims by reporter Chris Brown:
- Dziekanski was still in a secure area of the terminal
- only three officers were involved
- when the victim 'continued struggling' he was handcuffed, with no mention of his being tasered a second time
- it was unsafe to use pepper spray because of all the other people around
- there is no video surveillance in the Vancouver International Airport

Paul Pritchard describes what happened at the Vancouver airport

Submitted by tnjp on November 20, 2007 - 11:32pm.


Submitted by AARON JAMES (not verified) on December 3, 2007 - 6:20am.

ORIGINAL SITE: http://justiceforjamesfamily.blogspot.com

Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 19:48:28 +0800

Oct 27/07 Aaron James

attacked by Winnipeg police (Canada) at his own home as an ***illicit sadistic extension of the Jan 18/2006 Northwest Airlines Profiling attack in Minneapolis United States, ***demonstrating collusion between Canadian and U.S. 'authorities' in the same likeness as the Air India scandal, the Maher Arar extraordinary rendition and others.



Details of the Oct 27th attack: Without charges, police came to Aaron's home Saturday morning Oct 27/07 and told him to open his door or they would kick it down. Aaron took some time to make some quick phone calls to associates advising him of his situation for his safety. Police then ominously pronounced, "Come out with your hands up" in hollywood fashion. Aaron opened the door to find between 6 and 8 police (read thugs in uniform) outside his door in the hallway of his apartment, all with guns drawn and pointed at him with arms extended.

Aaron was instructed to turn around, get down on his knees and was handcuffed, while police raided his home and stole property and documents. Aaron's pockets were emptied, his usb stick (complete with his web site pass codes) wallet and keys were all seized. Aaron was walked out of his home handcuffed in broad daylight placed in the back of their car (a first rate illicit abduction) and taken down to the downtown police station, where police held him for 12 hours interrogation. (DO A GOOGLE SEARCH ON THE WINNIPEG POLICE UNDER 'Winnipeg Police Chief's Right hand Man" and see what you find-Aaron has an entry in the comments section of this url, a fact that Winnipeg police are surely sensitive to...)

During this 12 hour illicit detention, Aaron was subject to police threats of extradition to the United States, and warned that they had contacted U.S. Authorities to inquire about extraditing him. "Our boss thinks maybe we should keep you locked up here long enough for the U.S. Marshalls to come and get you" Not withstanding the fact that this is illegal process, the reader should note that this is a direct carbon copy of the threat Judge David S. Doty made against the James family in the Minneapolis trial- that he would send the marshals into Canada to get them, but that he wasn't very worried, because they "have a very good relationship with Canada right now", while going on to compare the U.S. Marshals to hollywood and bloodhounds.

Moreover, for the record, extradition for a minor alleged offense (false though the verdict was, it was only a verdict of a misdemeanor) is illegal under legal terms, which is evidence for further collusion and illicit threats/intimidation! This clearly has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with silencing and harming a family diligently exposing top level federal judicial and governmental corruption in both the United States and Canada, as an extension of the heinous attack upon them.

At 10pm that night, Aaron was released, but not before police had threatened further that they would be returning for him later the next week. Aaron is now in hiding at an undisclosed location.

Conspicuously, the attack occurred in sync with and only shortly following significant government interaction that Aaron had publicly amongst certain high level government officials, suggesting foul play and collusion. The attack, moreover, also took place only days prior to the Nov 1st/07 release of the Canadian Dimension magazine publication highlighting the James family's ordeal through Lesley Hughes article appearing as the back article of the publication.

AARON'S MOTHER IN SEVERE DANGER!: While Aaron is in hiding, Aaron's mother remains in extreme danger at the hands of potential illicit attack/ abduction from Winnipeg police or illegal FBI intervention (FBI were illegally outside of Aaron's home in Jan 2006 in Canada only 2 days after the U.S. Profiling attack, constituting only one of over 135 documented illegal unauthorized FBI entries into Canada- the 51st State...) Aaron is justly of the opinion, as are others, including Michelle Gross of Communities United Against Police Brutality in Minneapolis, that these goons (Winnipeg police, FBI etc) would stoop to any low in order to protect their interests and hide their crimes, even including going after Aaron's very mother. (They have done this very kind of thing before in other cases.)

According to Roche Tasse, head of the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group "the United States has become the land of the Wild Wild West where anything goes." Certainly in keeping with this is their current policy on condoning the use of torture and their crimes against the Geneva convention globally abroad in the spirit of oil profiteering and military conquest. Steps are and have been taken to secure Aaron's mother's safety from these loathsome entities. Aaron's mother may be reached at 204 889 9134 or 204 632 5598.


Aaron questioned Stephan Dione, leader of the Liberal Party and the Official Opposition, directly during question period at the Oct 20th /07 Liberal Convention in Winnipeg, concerning his position on their ordeal and strategies to correct it. In response to Aaron's concerns, Mr Dione would only defer to having one of his MP's deal with his case, despite the fervent appeals from another member of the audience during question period attesting to the urgent need for Mr Dione to speak directly to Aaron before departing the conference.

PC Stockwell Day, it should also be noted, minister of 'public safety' is a strong supporter of the vague offensive and affrontive so called 'terror lists' that have and continue to ensnare so many innocents, and has grown into a monstrosity amongst the devices of the fascist New World Order.

Still at the Oct 20/07 Liberal convention, Aaron was approached by Gian Luca Cairo, executive assistant to Stephane Dione. Mr. Cairo extended his card at the time, instructing that Aaron should contact him for follow up. Despite Aaron's repeated attempts and messages left, Mr. Cairo has failed to respond or return calls.

A Liberal MP Meeting one Day, Attacked By police the Next Day...

Liberal MP Raymond Simard met with Aaron and his mother Oct 26th /07 to discuss matters. After a lengthy discussion Mr Simard finally stated "Well this would have to be something that only the RCMP could investigate in the end. I'm just the go between." He had deferred and offloaded responsibility and authority to a police faction that has shown itself corrupt and complicit in a number of virulent crimes against humanity. RCMP- complicit in the Air India scandal and deaths-RCMP-complicit with U.S. Authorities in the abduction of Maher Arar unto torture- and more recently, RCMP, responsible for the heinous taser attack Oct 14th at Vancouver airport that has left a 40 year old polish man dead as a result of yet another airport profiling attack, coming only 2 short weeks after a police brutality attack at Phoenix airport that left a 45 year old woman dead in police custody.

***The following morning after his meeting with Raymond Simard, Aaron was attacked at his home by Winnipeg police, abducted at gun point, had his home raided and spent 12 hours in interrogation-AGAIN-while police threatened him with illicit extradition to the United States (where torture and worse are likely candidates according to current U.S. Judicial bararianism.)

Aaron has also recently been in contact, by phone, with members of the NDP, including Glenn, legislative assistant to MP Penny Priddy, the public safety critic. Aaron and Glen had spoken amicably and twice at length, the week prior to the Saturday Oct 27 police attack at Aaron's home. Plans were in place to continue discussions on the Monday, of Oct 29th, however, as Aaron in an undisclosed location, he is no longer able to follow up with Glen of his own accord. The system has failed and collapsed in on itself leaving justice in rags. Others must continue discussion with Glen where Aaron has left off if justice is to be served.

Several resources towards advocacy and representation for Aaron and his mother Linda James, present themselves as follows:

Roche Tasse, head of the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (613 241 5298 email: rocht (at) iclmg.ca has monitored the James family's ordeal for over 1 year now and has also, a very good relationship with Joe Comartin, the justice critic MP (613 947 3445 e: comartin.j (at) parl.gc.ca

Also, as stated before, Glen, legislative assistant to Penny Priddy, MP and public safety critic, has been amenable to talks with the James family and can be reached at 613 992 2922 and by email at pennyp0 (at) parl.gc.ca or penny.p (at) parl.gc.ca

Further still, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives member Erika Shaker has spoken with Aaron at length and is also frequently in communication with Roche Tasse. She is also able to relay information directly on to the Arar family with the hopeful prospect that the Arars would be amenable to drawing media attention to the James family immediate illicit and shameful persecution. Erika can be reached at 613 563 1341.

*Chris Andre at KBOO radio (971 645 5232) must also be apprised and instructed that she should now go ahead with broadcast of the latest developments of the James family's persecution as a matter of urgency in that neither Aaron James or his mother are safe and Aaron remains hunted by thugs in uniform remeniscent of the Police State now rampant in the United States making its presence felt in Canada.

Michelle Gross of Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) (612 703 1612-evening calls) Email: mgresist (at) minn.net, has indicated she will soon be releasing a feature article in the context of her monthly newsletters on line, dealing with airport profiling, highlighting as central, the James family's ordeal, with other cases included.
PLEASE CONTACT LINDA JAMES 204 889 9134/ 204 632 5598
E:lindajames@mts.net, Aaron at resist1000@usa.com, Journalist Lelsey Hughes 204 275 5757 E:lesleyhughescanada@yahoo.com

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